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Our Head Coach
Mr. Sethuraman, Football coach, player, Karnataka State captain

Head Coach & Founder


Meet Our Head Coach: Mr. Sethuraman

Passion. Expertise. Leadership. Dedicated to Football.

We are proud to introduce you to the driving force behind our success – our esteemed Head Coach, Mr. Sethuraman. With a career dedicated to the beautiful game, Coach Sethuraman brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to our academy.

Building Champions, One Player at a Time

At Global FC Academy, Coach Mr. Sethuraman leads by example, embodying our commitment to excellence and sportsmanship. Under his guidance, our players learn not only the technical skills of the game but also the importance of character, integrity, and resilience.

Untold Stories

Field Experience as Player & Captain

Juniors National Team Captain, Under 21  State Team Captain

Club Experience

Under 23 National Team  Captain, Karnataka State League

School Experience

Bethany School, Frank Anthony Public School, Ebenezer International School

International Experience

Football international tournament coach, Dubai Super Cup, Sri Lanka Federation Cup, Denmark & Sweden, Barcelona Cup, Paris

Other Experience

National Tournament, GOA Championship Cup, All India Tournament
Jawahar Union FC, Southern Blue FC, Bangalore Union FC
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